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About Us

Thank you for stopping by we are so glad you chose to visit our store! At a young age, I knew fashion was always going to be an integral part of my life. Spending weekends and summers helping my mom at a friend's shop in Downtown Pensacola is really where it all started. My passion for fashion and helping people feel great continued as I got older. After managing multiple retail stores for many years, I decided to branch off on my own and start Häpē + Co.!

Häpē + Co. started as a children's boutique, Häpē Kids Boutique in 2018, but quickly evolved into much more. The word Häpē "Happy" is also composed of all our initials Hattie (my oldest daughter), Anne (myself), Peri (our youngest daughter), and Ed (hubby). We always want you to be happy, and I'm a firm believer what you wear plays a significant role in the way you feel. For this reason, I find it essential to hand-select each piece for a variety of sizes and styles. Our sizes range from newborn to women's, so our brand grows with your family. Glad you stopped by, babe! 
With Love, 
Anne, Ed, Hattie and Peri!

As my Grand would always say "When you look good, you feel great"- Peggy (Grand) Carter